Thursday, March 25, 2010

First, the Beautiful

March, where have you gone? How did I fall off the blogosphere? A few things have been at work to keep me from blogging. First, there was March. I mean March in Maine is one ugly ugly time of year. So I have shielded your tender eyes from that because, no doubt, wherever you are living must look better than this.
the Two Friends square:
two strands of yarn, each representing a friend
Second, we have been dealing with the death of a car and the complications that ensue from that. Lots of research, list-making, pros/cons, and a little bit of fear as we went into the car-buying process. (Can we really swing these payments?! Yikes.)

Third, school has been keeping me very busy. I have had some frustrations with misinterpreting assignments in a particular class. Which is especially hard for perfectionist me, since I am used to "getting" things pretty quickly; so this is a good moment to find compassion for myself. Sigh.
Mr. and Mrs. E.:
Green square is the Mister, since it's a pattern I used for his vest
Rainbow square is for the Missus, the Rainbow Goddess

So. What have I been doing lately? I've been knitting squares for a Knit-a-Thon to benefit The Ashwood Waldorf School, where my kids attend and my husband teaches. I will have completed 7 squares of 8" by the end of this week (the deadline). It's been a really fun way to use up little bits and balls of yarn and try out some new stitch patterns.

And I have been needle-felting some little spring friends out of some hot pink curly mohair locks that I dyed a while back. They have such a sweet mohair halo. I figured, what's to stop me from making some hot pink bunnies and chicks? Since Peeps now come in hot pink, I figured, why not?
And the other thing is that the rooster pictured above, oh so handsome, but also oh so rough with our hens, prompted us to move one of our girls into a box in the kitchen. She had significant and deep wounds behind her wings, poor thing. So we brought her in, applied some salve, played her some classical music all day, and kept her fed and quiet (and scooped out her poop and changed her water, etc.).
If you refer back to the photo of the rooster, it's a bit of a coincidence, really, that the photo was cropped in a certain way. This too is in our future, since we can't have a rooster who is this rough with our special girls. (Especially this one, my favorite Buff Cochin: Puffkins aka Madeline aka Puffy Combs).

So. Wish us luck with THAT particular adventure, and more to come soon! I have missed the blog! Happy Spring!

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  1. Oh your poor chickens! A rooster who likes the rough goodness, it all happens out in the country in Maine, hey?
    What will the school do with the knitted squares? They are beautiful.