Wednesday, October 28, 2009

danggit:: will never leave camera at home


Not after today's ride through Hope: the autumn skies so rich with overcast gray tones that provided the most exquisite backdrop for the mostly ochre, russet, and golden leaves that are left.
new Buttercup for a swap
And then, as if to underscore my camera-less-ness, once on Rt.17 again, my favorite old lady (whose laundry line I stalk year-round as I whiz along at 50 mph) had two things on her line: 1) a big white tablecloth/sheet and 2) an old lady's larger-size fuchsia underpants, approximately the color of the buttons on this Buttercup bag.
OK, in your mind, start playing the BeeGee's Stayin' Alive. Now scroll down for this picture.
(white space is on purpose so you can be sure your mental soundtrack is turned on):

Still loving his handsome bellbottoms.
Mr. and Mrs. Travolta
From a sunnier day, when the maples were golden in the afternoon light:
I voted today. Took my absentee ballot right into the Town Office, to be sure it got put in the right place. Some of us in Maine are hoping that love and equality will prevail in this election for our neighbors, friends, and family, our state, and our nation. Because I don't want anyone to tell my sons who they can marry. Because I want my sons to grow up knowing that love is boundary-less and boundless; to know that families look all different ways; and to be certain that our nation believes in equality for all people. (stepping off the soapbox).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brave Little Parrot

As promised, some visuals of this past weekend's performance, referenced in last post. First, an official photo montage from Kathryn, here. And here is my own amateur filming of the Regal Eagle!

A new Buttercup bag is in the making...a trade with a very talented quilter who has made custom-designed tank tops advertising our favorite exercise class, Sacred Sweat. So this little interior pocket is a nod to the quilting goddess who will carry it. Feels good to be sewing again!
Sipping chocolate from Black Dinah Chocolatiers, locally made chocolates on Isle Au Haut. Delicious and otherworldly: a little bit of warming spice (cardamom and cinnamon, maybe?) makes this a cup to savor. They ship. Seriously. To Die For. Oh and that adorable vintage tea cup? From P.O.S.H. Chicago, and I felt pretty posh sipping my chocolate from it. (thankfully, the gifter didn't give me this mug.)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

fall celebrations

One of our favorite girls had her birthday this past weekend. It's great to know a girl for whom the perfect gift is a set of Spectacular Mustaches for Girls, assorted candy, a fabric-covered mini-pumpkin (tutorial here), art supplies, and this reversible headband (which you may notice is matchy-matchy to my new favorite bag!).

The idea by Jonas was to shower her with as many gifts as the age she is turning. But it turned out once we got started, it was too hard to stop, so we gave her a few to grow on. Don't you love it when it's so easy to pick gifts out for friends?
And then it was done with the headband, let's make the quiver for the hand-made arrows that will complement Jonas's Halloween costume this year. Yes, with real chicken feathers for flights, from our own girls, who are conveniently molting this time of year.
So yes, I am sure I will hear those mutters at Halloween about "Mr. and Mrs. Waldorf" who let their children have weaponry as parts of their costumes. But guess what? We always MAKE our own weapons (swords, throwing knives, spears, shields, you name it), and how Waldorf is that? Pretty flipping Waldorf, if you were asking me (the aforementioned Mrs. Waldorf).
the cheetah
And then, a lovely production of the Buddhist Jataka story of The Brave Little Parrot, directed and produced by Kathryn Oliver and Kristi Williamson. The story tells of a forest fire and a brave Parrot who tries to put out the flames using droplets from her wings; the Devas make fun of her efforts, but the Eagle God comes to the Parrot's aid. Jonas was the Eagle God: so regal, so wonderful, and graceful, as he moved his giant puppet that some people forgot there was a person there (even with his masterfully-delivered line). A great compliment indeed to any puppeteer. Darn it! I wanted to upload a video clip from the event! No luck through blogger.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

*wedding weekend*

Centerpiece made by Groom's Mom
Some wore fancy, some wore practical
the kiss!
view from the terrace where the ceremony was held,
overlooking Northeast Harbor,
on the walking trail up to Thuya Gardens
A moment up top at the gardens, the two of us, together, and a photo to prove it!
the coolest bridge in Maine
a regular sort of bridge, in Belfast
on Sunday, a quick hike up the Beehive in Acadia National Park,
overlooking Sand Beach,
with my own groom

P.S. One half of the wedding couple is Kate, my collaborator in the unfurlingferns project.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I hope the frogs survived

...from the Love Fest and Activity Fair of yesterday. We found two sleepy frogs, just about ready for a nap in some cozy mud, and now probably completely over-tired and having melt-downs from all of the excitement.
Let's see, there was a ride on a swing.
A little Frog House, created by Jonas and our Froggie Hostess. A see-saw was discussed, and the possibility for bringing some "wet stuff" over here so that "THEN it will want to stay!"
When Jonas replaced the frog who had tried the house, the poor thing just laid on its back on the lily pad for a few moments, catching its breath (or, hopefully not, taking its last breath?).
And home again.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome October

Impatiens seed pods do this amazing thing: at your brief touch, or sometimes light pinch, they explode like a coiled spring, shooting their seeds willy nilly for future propagation. What a brilliant stroke of evolutionary insight to develop a seedpod that is so fun to help along on its way to take over the world. It's a weed, but we keep some right by our woodshed door for fun.
I knew that this very precious person, who I have not seen in about 9 years, would just love them. And look at the delight in her face. She got to meet her godson, Sylvan! And if you were wondering, yes, this is the immensely talented Carrie, of Pink Crow Studios. Go check out her work on Etsy, your brain will explode like a little seedpod at the awesomeness there. Being with the pieces in person and seeing all the layers of the in-process pieces with my own eyes was very special.
I trucked Carrie all around town, to places I knew she'd love, like Boynton McKay, with its funky pharmaceutical shelves and bottles and great floor---not to mention, delicious eats. We did the annual All-School Hike up Mt. Battie, and overheard some wonderful tidbits of children's conversations ("where's your buddy?" "I don't have one." "What, they're letting you roam around free???") And these two little gnomes, best friends in kindergarten, who held hands most of the way, and muttered under their breath that they'd like to get past "these slowpokes" (that would be us, by the way). They did eventually, and then we got to look at their cuteness, even better.
At the top there is this lovely look-out tower with a cool staircase.
roiling autumn sky
cute little Camden, Maine
And, finally, pictures of the Caramel Apples that were my nightmare, for sale at the school's Harvest Festival. Oh sure, I just signed up, thinking hey, I know my way around a kitchen, how hard can it be? I made a test batch, and it turned out OK. But I was grumping and grouching over this batch...first the caramel wasn't cooked enough, too I had to cook it some more. And what about all that caramel that just runs off and puddles? Even putting the apples in the fridge (on greased, waxed paper, another brilliant modification I discovered), did not prevent the slow cascade of caramel. My husband, ever the helpful teacher, was offering all these lovely hints I could try, and I nearly bit his head off. Thank goodness Carrie was there for support and to make me laugh, not to mention to prevent some spousal abuse that might have resulted *if*he*did*not*shut*up*
So OK, these were my best shot, and if I do say so, the caramel itself was pretty kickin. A little drop of vanilla and some salt rounded out the flavor nicely. I have tossed the recipe out because I never intend to make another caramel apple in my life.