Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brave Little Parrot

As promised, some visuals of this past weekend's performance, referenced in last post. First, an official photo montage from Kathryn, here. And here is my own amateur filming of the Regal Eagle!

A new Buttercup bag is in the making...a trade with a very talented quilter who has made custom-designed tank tops advertising our favorite exercise class, Sacred Sweat. So this little interior pocket is a nod to the quilting goddess who will carry it. Feels good to be sewing again!
Sipping chocolate from Black Dinah Chocolatiers, locally made chocolates on Isle Au Haut. Delicious and otherworldly: a little bit of warming spice (cardamom and cinnamon, maybe?) makes this a cup to savor. They ship. Seriously. To Die For. Oh and that adorable vintage tea cup? From P.O.S.H. Chicago, and I felt pretty posh sipping my chocolate from it. (thankfully, the gifter didn't give me this mug.)


  1. Yea...the vintage cup! I love the before and after...and hot chocolate? My very fave.

    M & I are going downstate today to visit his parents one last time before they leave for the winter, so I won't be able to chat today...but I'm thinking of you. Love you so next Friday?

  2. I just bought some just because of this post

  3. just bought some just because of this post