Wednesday, October 28, 2009

danggit:: will never leave camera at home


Not after today's ride through Hope: the autumn skies so rich with overcast gray tones that provided the most exquisite backdrop for the mostly ochre, russet, and golden leaves that are left.
new Buttercup for a swap
And then, as if to underscore my camera-less-ness, once on Rt.17 again, my favorite old lady (whose laundry line I stalk year-round as I whiz along at 50 mph) had two things on her line: 1) a big white tablecloth/sheet and 2) an old lady's larger-size fuchsia underpants, approximately the color of the buttons on this Buttercup bag.
OK, in your mind, start playing the BeeGee's Stayin' Alive. Now scroll down for this picture.
(white space is on purpose so you can be sure your mental soundtrack is turned on):

Still loving his handsome bellbottoms.
Mr. and Mrs. Travolta
From a sunnier day, when the maples were golden in the afternoon light:
I voted today. Took my absentee ballot right into the Town Office, to be sure it got put in the right place. Some of us in Maine are hoping that love and equality will prevail in this election for our neighbors, friends, and family, our state, and our nation. Because I don't want anyone to tell my sons who they can marry. Because I want my sons to grow up knowing that love is boundary-less and boundless; to know that families look all different ways; and to be certain that our nation believes in equality for all people. (stepping off the soapbox).


  1. That is a puffy chicken. I like his pants.

  2. Those bags are just getting more and more beautiful. And....I imagined "stayin' alive"...and scrolled down...and then laughed out loud (yes, the full "laughed out loud" none of this LOL nambypamby) when I saw the chicken.

  3. Waaaa, I want to see the cool stuff on the clothes line. Please staple the camera to your clothes or something! :P Your post is so funny and wonderful! Thanks for the great laugh. It has been a tough week with sick kids... I know you must know the routine too. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    Your bag is beautiful!
    Hugs from Emily xoxo

  4. apropos of nothing, saw this and thought you'd like it ... hope all's well. CdC

  5. Thanks so much for talking about No on 1...

    I don't quite have the guts to do it on my Alewives blog...

    But... for the record...., I will be voting the same way and I will be so proud of my state if the veto doesn't pass.

    It's very important.