Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallow's Redux

Our annual magical walk through the enchanted forest at Merryspring Nature Center, sponsored by Ashwood Waldorf School, was held on a balmy, breezy, and eventually moonlit evening.
this masked beauty greeted us on the path
and pointed us on our way
Jonas, as the Goddess Artemis, looks to me like a regal Elf with his mighty bow.
Sylvan, a cowboy, who had a major crisis-of-costume about an hour prior to our leaving.
While I was trying to nap. It was a situation that needed a lot of finesse-ing on the part of Jonas and me. (Jonas did a better job. I wasn't in the mood for crisis at the last minute: You can be a cowboy. Or you can be a knight. No, you do not look puffy. Choose now.)
a spinster plies her yarn
a shy bunny peeks out at us

The tree spirits were especially lovely this year:
is this one sticking its tongue out at me?
This clown was very shy:
Mama Cowgirl and her Cowboy


  1. heard your cowgirl was pretty durn impressive!

  2. great costumes guys, you all look so good and like real - cowboy, cowgirl, and inded the regal elf! The walk is beautiful too - really nice!