Thursday, November 5, 2009

I *heart* Farmers Fare

Farmers Fare opened up this fall and has quickly become a stop on my grocery hunting days. They had this crazy marketing campaign when they were building their beautiful facility, this sign that said things like "Kids, Chaos, Beer" or "Bacon, Beans, and Dirt" and that's their main sign now, too. So you didn't necessarily know what was going on there, but it looked like it would be neat.
Well it sure is neat. Not only do a few of my favorite (and Sylvan's) favorite people work there, but it's all local Maine food, all the time. Local produce. Local fruit. Local dairy. Local ice cream. Locally-made chocolates (mentioned here). Local wines. Local meats! Onsite bakery. Cafe. A pay-it-forward ice cream sandwich case. L O V E I T.
In a beautiful facility, with staff who seem like they're having fun. And they're nice. Like Amy, who gave me a yummy recipe for a side dish involving a leek, delicata squash, and pak choi.
the cafe area, and yes there's WiFi
delicious treats
our favorite wheat bread
(gluten-free options available!)
Craig the butcher
Onsite butcher! Really. This might be my favorite part. Because there are other local butchers in the area, but they're really really off of my beaten path. And when you drive as much as I have to, I will be honest, I just never made it there. Farmers Fare is conveniently located on my driving route to town, on Rt. 90 in Rockport, just minutes from Rt. 1. These butcher guys are super nice, see how he even held up the tray of chicken breasts for the photo? They make a killer breakfast sausage, too.Did I mention there's a natural spring on the property, and it's OK to pump water from it into your own containers? I like the commitment to sustainability and local water sources this idea promotes.
gorgeous braising greens
They are always having tastings and farmers who come to give demos on cheese-making or talks on what they do.
yummy apples from Hope Orchards
Read more here. And here. And they're on Facebook too! Better yet, stop in to check them out.


  1. Oh my gosh, is THAT what that place is???

    I had no idea... I thought it was a restaurant called Bacon Beans and Dirt.

    I lived in France for a year and every little town has its own butcher, baker, candlestick maker and I've always thought that we should do that here, too.

    Thanks for letting me know about this because I SOOOOO can't wait to check it out.



  2. Lets go to the Deli next time we are up - looks wonderful! see you next Saturday! ike