Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blogging Break

on a crispy, November morning:
sparkling frost
and golden chickens
Until the flurry of my semester finishes up, December 4th. Because sometimes things just feel a little overwhelming around here. And I should probably prioritize housework and feeding my children wholesome meals over blogging. As for sewing? Knitting? No and also no. You can check my other blog, here, in the meantime. And here's a blog I am working on as a final project for one of my library classes.
We had a visit to the big city of Boston recently. To see a musical and have a little early celebration of a boy who will turn 11 very soon. The venue was as grand as their website is completely boring.
It was pouring rain.
We took the subway---always a favorite activity of Sylvan's---and I gave a suitably grave, growled warning to my boys that under. no. circumstances. should. either. of. them. touch. their. faces. at. ANY. POINT. until. their. hands. were. washed. (I am not a germophobe, really, but I also did not want to see my boys licking the metal railings either).

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