Wednesday, October 21, 2009

fall celebrations

One of our favorite girls had her birthday this past weekend. It's great to know a girl for whom the perfect gift is a set of Spectacular Mustaches for Girls, assorted candy, a fabric-covered mini-pumpkin (tutorial here), art supplies, and this reversible headband (which you may notice is matchy-matchy to my new favorite bag!).

The idea by Jonas was to shower her with as many gifts as the age she is turning. But it turned out once we got started, it was too hard to stop, so we gave her a few to grow on. Don't you love it when it's so easy to pick gifts out for friends?
And then it was done with the headband, let's make the quiver for the hand-made arrows that will complement Jonas's Halloween costume this year. Yes, with real chicken feathers for flights, from our own girls, who are conveniently molting this time of year.
So yes, I am sure I will hear those mutters at Halloween about "Mr. and Mrs. Waldorf" who let their children have weaponry as parts of their costumes. But guess what? We always MAKE our own weapons (swords, throwing knives, spears, shields, you name it), and how Waldorf is that? Pretty flipping Waldorf, if you were asking me (the aforementioned Mrs. Waldorf).
the cheetah
And then, a lovely production of the Buddhist Jataka story of The Brave Little Parrot, directed and produced by Kathryn Oliver and Kristi Williamson. The story tells of a forest fire and a brave Parrot who tries to put out the flames using droplets from her wings; the Devas make fun of her efforts, but the Eagle God comes to the Parrot's aid. Jonas was the Eagle God: so regal, so wonderful, and graceful, as he moved his giant puppet that some people forgot there was a person there (even with his masterfully-delivered line). A great compliment indeed to any puppeteer. Darn it! I wanted to upload a video clip from the event! No luck through blogger.

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