Sunday, May 9, 2010

Assorted delicious.

the photo I would have taken, this one by my dear husband:
chubby baby hand
holds umbrella in the rain
chilly May day in Maine

Happy Mother's Day to you. I got just what I asked for: a sleep-in morning and nice breakfast (scrambled eggs, danishes, coffee) and a big day of housecleaning. Because in May, when we are so busy having festivals and baseball and parties and birthdays and someone is trying also to finish her semester, the housecleaning falls by the wayside.
Sylvan is trying out the position of catcher!

Random things sit in random places. Multiple loads of laundry in need of folding are the norm and occupy a large portion of the floorspace in my bedroom (like the photo from last post).
men who knit!
I married one.

Today we asserted order into our house of entropy.

typical May day celebration in Maine:
dismal 47 degrees

And then as I was cleaning the bathroom, on a whim, I decided to paint.

local Maine ingredients augment these fine chocolates
from Black Dinah's Farm Market Collection

You haven't ever ever seen our bathroom, blogfriends, because it is awful. It is small with weird striped wallpaper, not vintage, just cheap. Also, there was this terrible brown-beige trim around the window, edging the doors, etc. (WHO uses brown to prime?!) Plus, the wall behind the toilet was not wallpapered (OK, fine, it was ugly) and was just plain white sheetrock. And out of all of the rooms in our house, it is the one that has not been touched since our first summer here, almost eight years ago, when we made shelves in it. (There was a linen closet, strangely, with no interior shelves. It made us wonder about the former residents.)

mother's day gifts:
alphabet wine (totally librarian, right?)
PG Tips (without it, I am nothing)

So I painted. We had white paint---imagine!---that I used to prime the wall behind the toilet and the trim around the window. It looks clean! Neat! White! And I figured that getting a small start on this project would then inspire more work when I am officially done with school for the summer. I just did it and it felt SO. GOOD.

There was also some mowing and bike-riding today. Sylvan, recovering from a touch of fever-y virus, bundled himself up quite well on this breezy, chilly spring day: here he is, wearing two adult-sized down vests over his sweatshirt, down earflap hat, with ear-protection muffs.
The apple trees are in bloom, which I love. Not so many blossoms this year and perhaps this means we should have pruned better.


  1. Harper gave me some Black Dinah chocolates for Mother's Day. Aren't they exquisite?! Hope your Mother's Day was special. Thanks for the great photos.

  2. Hi Iris!

    That all looks so good... especially the chocolates.

    We had a ton of blossoms on our apple trees, but they didn't last long in all this windy weather.

    I am glad to hear that you had such a lovely Mother's Day... even if it was totally chilly.

    I think Sylvan had the right idea.



  3. Your photos are great! My favorite is that adorable, chubby hand holding the umbrella. Chubby little babies are the best, I remember when my son was at that stage.

    The chocolates are gorgeous, too...I would love to learn how to make those!