Thursday, November 4, 2010

hello dear November

Well, what am I doing that's creative these days anyway? Are you wondering this? I am.

Today I made a delicious apple crisp to the sound of pelting rain on the windows. It was so grim and cold and dreary though that there was really no way to photograph the process with any loveliness.
Before the rain though, I had been admiring the austere elegance of November. Those clean lines on the sky and the intensity of the starkness, the russet color of the oak leaves (always the last to fall down). The sky is so big all of a sudden and the clouds so swirly and serious.
our beautiful wristers
This day was a walk with a favorite friend and her four-legged rocket of blackness, Dog. The day was absolutely Novembrish, even if it was still technically October. We just caught up, as women do, enjoying the beauty and movement and company.
We kept stopping to admire things like grass hummocks or a single colorful yellow blossom.

It's that time of year when my semester's end is in sight, which is great and also *yikes*. Suddenly things are speedy just when I want them to slow down so I can get snuggled into my nest.
Tell me about how you describe your November.


  1. oh our november is such a different affair - the blossom has been and gone, the ducklings are hatched and now in adolescence - we are preparing for summer. The days are windy with the change in air pressure - the sun becomes increasingly stronger and warmer.
    we are tired, waiting for the holidays to begin.

  2. I love November, late spring and the days are getting longer and longer. We go out for night-scoots after dinner, the wee ones speed off into the distance and I try to keep up. The summer vegetables are starting to come back and suddenly I feel like salad. Having said that, the apple crisp you described above made my mouth water.