Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If you live in Maine...

You probably didn't move here for Hot and Humid reasons. I, for one, did not. You are already familiar with the fact that Hot and Humid are not my friends. So when it's like this, I can tell because I am wilted and grumpy, and I end up washing a lot of towels (single use only or they smell funky because---surprise---they don't dry) and a lot of linen clothes.

The dress that you can see, above, is pretty much a glorified nightgown that happens to be appropriate to wear to work. When I put it on I always think: "Hmm, am I really just wearing a brown shapeless sack?" Not that I care, on a day when I am preparing to stand in the heat at work and attempt friendliness and patience all day. I'll take anything that helps (mint water is a good plan also). But surprisingly I get a lot of compliments; the buttons down the back elevate it from brown-sackdom.
Today: utter bliss. Waking up, instead of icky damp hotness, to clear, blue skies, and clean-feeling air. Laundry day. I feel like the universe is sending me a Valentine on days like this ("really? you love me this much?").
This is My Weather!
And may I introduce you to my hand-me-down pink, cheetah print, synthetic summer skirt? Pretty much the opposite of the linen dress and not something I'd opt for in H & H weather or for work. But she rocks it in a whole different way. She's sort of a home skirt, an over-the-bathingsuit skirt, a garden skirt.
Note to self from the boys: "these are the only good sparklers to buy, so don't be cheap and buy the lame ones ever again."

Summer. Sigh. Now I need to go out and hang another load on the line!
(Thanks for the nudge, Hilary S. xo)


  1. Funny note to self from the boys. Way to go direct.

    I'm originally from New Hampshire, and honeymooned in Maine-- we loved, loved loved it (now live in Austin, TX after several years in Brooklyn). It's been a HOT summer here, and I've been feeling pangs for that clean-feeling northeastern air. At least you get SOME of it, in between hot and humid. We're gonna get some two-- counting down to vacation. T minus three weeks.

    Keeping rocking that pink cheetah print!

    Taylor Alt-Mama

  2. I'm with you mama! It has been just a little too hot around here lately. I truly enjoyed some thunder showers this afternoon hoping things would cool down...seems to be sticky again though. Maine I guess:)

  3. Today the air was perfect...even chilly this morning. Lovelovelovelove it!
    Thanks for chiming in, ladies!