Monday, December 26, 2011

~Holiday 2: Did it~

Take note of the army guy, at lower right that has been vanquished just in time from a sneak attack on the manger. Way to go, Ox! Baby Jesus has survived!
Twinkling Juggler, Robot PJs, AND roller skates?! Seriously. For realz.
Beautiful tables set, loving family, and just the right kind of company with a lower case "c." The kind of company that brings their own instruments and makes music! Beatles sing alongs should be part of every Christmas henceforth.

We had a crazy gift swap and I ended up with a DVD from Goodwill: Yoga Booty Ballet Abs! Booty Ballet---can you believe it?! Also on the floor were a hula skirt, felt jester hat, truffles, a Chia Obama (not ours), a 1990 Jack Russell Terrier Calendar, a collection of used cookbooks and odd kitchen implements, a yogurt-maker, and much more silliness. I am sure we will see some of it again next year!
But the best is that I am a blogger with a new camera. A real deal digital SLR camera of my dreams! Thanks to my husband for organizing some family support towards this amazing gift. And for choosing a camera over an iPad because he wanted to support me as an artist, not just a consumer of technology. I am batting my eyelashes now and my heart goes pitter pat.

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  1. I look forward to many posts with your new camera - Jonas says "turds"