Saturday, June 2, 2012

one fine day

Thanks for your kind words about the last post. I kind of jinxed myself with it. We were all horrible and stressed the whole rest of that day. It was the little things that turned into big things, like who got to watch a movie, who was kept in the dark about it, who wanted ice cream, who felt like too many people were making demands and didn't deserve things if they were going to make such a big deal of it. Those kinds of days make you glad to get into bed early to try again tomorrow.
This day was a lovely, fine day of celebration with friends, however. And everyone was nice.
 baby strawberries
Some people have little daughters who are camera-magnets for me. (She takes the same two fingers as her sister does.) I love how you can see the smile starting in her eyes.
 the shadow of my big boy Jonas against that gorgeous knit blanket makes me swoon

And now for a gallery of feet pictures, with a side order of sweet dresses and skirts:

You know I fall for the tiny floppy-floppies every time. Perhaps I need a blog dedicated to hands and feet. If you can think of a good name that wouldn't attract the wrong sort of people, please do post it.

Delicious wood-fired pizza was served up by the nice folks at Harvest Moon. I fell off the dairy-less wagon and ate some and it was perfection in the mouth. Crispy crunchy melty savory bites of awesome. Then later came the unhappy side-effects: sneezy and stuffy.

 the tiny dancer stole our hearts
Thanks to our gracious hosts who asked that I bring my camera. There was a lot of wonderful happening all over the place.

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