Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vintage Apron

So this is my own vintage apron, purchased in a tiny used bookshop in Stonington, Maine. When I saw it, I had the feeling that if I didn't buy it I would be really sad and dwell on not having it. I love its swishy-ness and femininity, its cheery yellowness, with the rickrack at the bottom edges and gathers.

EllynAnne of The Apron Book has a lovely blog and she's having a vintage apron give-away! Just in time for our very important elections, she is offering a cobbler-style patriotic apron---lots of red, white, and blue and the word "Vote" in the pattern of the fabric. Boy, would I love to walk into my tiny little town office in that saucy number!

And in sewing news, I have been in a small state of despair lately, feeling sad that my machine was not behaving well again. But good news, when I took it back to my sweet Sewing Machine Guru he informed me that *my needle was in backwards!* Oh the shame! But see, that's how much of a beginner I am, I had no idea there was a right and wrong way. And because he is the nicest, he told me to come by tomorrow and he would show me what he knows about my machine (which he thinks is of fine quality). And when I asked how much I would be paying him for his time...he said he doesn't charge anybody for changing their needle! Awww shucks.


  1. Iris, I am glad to hear that all is well! Nothing like not even knowing the ground rules, not even knowing that there are rules to be known, to get a project all messed up and get one's heart in the dumps. I am sooo glad that you are getting a tutorial too!

    Next week I am getting a doll clothes project (a trade) and I am already dreaming about class play costumes...


  2. Oh, Iris. I'm so glad you picked up your very own vintage apron. It's adorable! And thanks for the link to EllynAnne's blog. I can't wait to browse it in depth. That is one heck of an apron she is giving away. Fun!

    And I am tickled about your sewing machine. Don't feel bad. No worries. It sounds like you have yourself a good machine and your going to get info most of us will never know. Win win situation! Happy sewing, Iris! XO...Ana

  3. The vintage lovely that you just had to have is lucky to have been purchased by someone who appreciates the details of handsewing, like smocking. I have a number of gingham aprons, a Fifties Fabric Fad, and quite a few are smocked like yours. I mention this because when an apron discovered in Maine is identical to one from another part of the country, that is a clue that this apron was sewn from a pattern and the pattern included finishing variations, like smocking the front. Enjoy your treasure and wear it often!
    Tie One apron, of course!

  4. Hi,
    2nd try. (Using a dial-up computer in the middle of the day is horrible.) I have just finished putting my randomness onto my blog. Want to take a peek?

    Love, R

  5. The apron is adorable on you! Love the wide skirt. You know when I first got my machine here in Norway and was far far away from my mother I had several similar sewing mishaps like yours. I am so glad you aren't letting it deter you and you are figuring out what is wrong with some good help and now you can get back to it again!