Sunday, September 14, 2008

Apron Love

I am waiting on some duck fabric for my owl bag to protect the bottom, so in the meantime I am already dreaming of the next projects...A couple of aprons and a very special bag for a very special older girl (something to hold those girly products that are a monthly necessity). Those folks at Fabric Hound are sure speedy with their deliveries.

Joanie loaned me The Apron Book by EllynAnne Geisel which is full of fun apron lore, history of aprons, and some simple patterns. I pretty much devoured it in one sitting and it got the wheels turning.

First off, I'm going to try a simple waist apron, from a pattern in the book:
The main fabric will be the green floral, the contrast the pink polka dots:

Next, and this will require some help from an experienced seamstress, perhaps Joanie, I fell in love with this very feminine and oh-so-adorable vintage apron---no pattern, just the photo:
In these fabrics, again the floral as the main, with contrast/edging in brown with white polkas:

But before I will allow myself to cut out any apron fabric, I ironed all of my skirts for this week and am about to do some homework for my internship. I am a work before play kind of girl...Happy Sunday to you!


  1. Pretty fabrics! I, too, really like the Vintage Apron. Fun stuff!

  2. I'm delighted The Apron Book has inspired you! One of my favorite things to do is to choose the fabric combinations for my aprons. I love your choices.

    The flirty apron with the peplums is my Karen design. If you'd like the pattern, please contact me!

    Tie One apron, of course!