Monday, September 29, 2008

Bounty and Love

One of the reasons I love my almost-ten year-old is because of what happened last night, before bed. Sylvan asked him to do a puppet show for him, instead of a book. Jonas said yes, and before I knew it, the tabletop was transformed with silks into a puppet stage. Two silk marionette puppets that I made (and very nearly got rid of yesterday---first attempts, not perfect,wrinkly, and I'm not proud of them) were rescued and played main parts in a story modeled after The Turnip That Wouldn't Budge story, except it was a giant tomato in this retelling. Notice it in the background:
Even the king was helpful enough to get off of his Mica throne and lend a hand:
(No matter that he is a mere 4 inches to the marionettes' 8!)

But finally, it was the pig, and the "flock" of hedgehogs that came to the rescue and helped to loosen that stubborn tomato.

Sylvan was so appreciative, as was I.

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  1. Beautiful, Iris, the lovely colors of fruits, flowers and vegetables, particularly the sweet story of your boys. Love in abundance, indeed! XO...Ana