Monday, September 29, 2008

Ta Da! The Happy Apron

It's done, my very first apron! I'm calling it The Happy Apron, because it makes me so happy to look at it. Something about those happy fabrics together. And look: I even played with my double zigzag for a little embellishment.

The gathers were scary, but it actually worked!
Thanks to EllynAnne, the Apron Goddess, for the wonderful book she wrote that started this apron craze in my head! The instructions for the pattern were great, even for a rank beginner like myself.


  1. Oh, WOW, Iris! It's awesome. And the zigzag embellishment, a super nice way for a "finished" look. And you did gathers. I've yet to do gathers. Because I'm still scared! I like it, very much. It looks awesome on you. A happy, fun wearable for sure. COOL! Isn't it fun, this little sewing thing?! XO...Ana

  2. Congratulations to you!!!

    And I loved J's bedtime story, giant tomato, flock of hedgehogs and all.


  3. Yippee, you're sewing! Your apron (and your vintage yellow one, too) is gorgeous! What makes me more than envious is that you have to COOK to wear an apron. Bravo...I don't cook at ALL anymore. No great loss, more time to read and sew.,,,,,yuh, right. You are amazing, Iris.

    Missing you,

  4. Iris, pu-leez send me the jpg of your apron so I might post it on my website under Apron Stories!

    Tie One apron, of course!

  5. That surely is one of the happiest aprons I've ever clapped eyes on! And the last post had some very happy tatties, happy chard, and happy apples, too!
    What lovely photos...