Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Beautiful Wedding

One of Sylvan's favorite people got married today and he was the ring bearer.

It was a sparkling blue, sunny, and brisk September day, and the wedding was right at the ocean. The scene was a perfect background for the sweet and heartfelt ceremony that we watched.
Are you loving the circa 1970 cut of Sylvan's suit?
I should mention that the lovely bride is also the talented crafter and shopkeeper Mosey Handmade, who created all of the adorable crowns for her flower girls and ring bearer: velvet ribbon and little millinery trimmings (as in the tiny acorns and apples, above) are one of her many media.

It was a BYOP (Bring Your Own Pie, sweet or savory) wedding, in addition to the many amazing dishes provided---so yummy---and they had Apple Hour following the ceremony (sparkling apple cider, fresh apples, apple tartlets, cheese, chocolate chip cookies, whoopie pies, and the BEST caramel apples ever). You so wish you were there. My boys loved that this little sweet feast was served BEFORE dinner!
Heirloom Tomato tart with mustard, cheddar and herbes de Provence, our offering.

That's me and my boy, who loved it when the groom stomped on the traditional glass before kissing the bride! Oh, and yes, I do have another son who is currently quite fussy about being photographed...sigh.


  1. Oh, wow! Now that's what I call a beautiful, dream wedding. Blissful! The children look so adorable, the crowns...a sweet touch. And beautiful shots. THANKS for a happy post!

  2. Precious!

    Just caught up on your your voicemail just before we sweet, thanks I!

    We're off again Thurs. AM for a relaxing 6 days on the beach, I will call you when we're back for good. Miss you!


  3. Iris, how perfectly lovely! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos with me. Sylvan is so sweet and dapper in his suit!!! Oh, the girls are going to be chasing after him if they aren't already. I know just what you mean about the older one never being available for photos. Everyone must think we have a favorite child! NOT!