Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm an Art Guinea Pig!

Hey, I got a great invitation to be Robinsunne's art guinea pig! She is working on a new book and wanted some feedback. Art Journals are in my head a lot these days (remember the one I made for Jonas when he went traveling this summer?), so it felt perfect to get to try out this concept for Robinsunne and offer her my feedback about the experience.

She is hoping to take these to press soon, so I also have a deadline....see how much I can do in it in one week (that will be next Wednesday). This works well for a girl who loved homework! There are many pages of blank colored cardstock, as the one below (my response after my first day of my internship at the Camden Rockport Middle School Library):
But there are also pages that include a word or image or photocopied "texture" to work from:Do you recognize my owl fabric? I am working on my Owl Bag and this was a scrap:
This page has the look of blue tissue paper glued to a purple background, that Robinsunne then photocopied:

And do you see that little silver word, "love," above? That is a little extra surprise: tucked into the back of the book, a handmade envelope includes several shiny metallic tape embellishments with words on them. And the last few pages of the book have stuff to cut up and play with: fairy wings, stamps, labels, and art-y sayings and encouragements.

SO MUCH FUN. It's great because I can pick it up and put it down...start a page and come back to it later...Just go with what comes to me. She asked for my family's participation, we'll see if that happens! This would be perfect as a gift for someone as a way to introduce them to the fun of "visual" journaling.


  1. You'll definitely be ready for feedback next Wednesday. What FUN! Enjoy! Ana :)

  2. Thanks, Iris! I am loving your pages! I like the effect of all the different "type" fonts on the orange page... and wherever did you get the photos of mommy and child? Terrific! And I like how you used the silver "charm" and the vellum-ish paper. I tend to go for that many-textures look. You'll see: I am going to go over to my blog now and post some of my journal entries. (I figured that I can also be my own art guines pig!)

    I sooo relate to your comment about having loved homework! I used to love ditto sheets (O.K., I am so aging myself here) and filling in all of those blank spaces. What if schoolwork was all like that: fill in the blank with hand-drawn pictures and magazine collage and doodles and charms? Wow! I want to go to THAT school!!