Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Six Random Things About Me

I was tagged to participate in providing you with Six Random Things About Me by Ana, and why not have some fun and play along? In high school Lillie and I would make surveys for each other, passing them note-style, between (or in) classes...This has the same appeal. Fun to get to know your blogging neighbors and readers, near and far!

So you may already know this, but I have a small obsession with hedgehogs ("hedgenogs" as they were famously once called by Sylvan). Here are a few members of the collection, two of which come from fellow-blogger-Mama Erna:
My Wedding Ring
...is a replica of a Posy Ring, and it has all these words tucked inside of it: "Many are thee starrs I see, yet in my eye no starr like thee." Easier to imagine it all fitting inside my hubby's ring than my tiny one! Ours are white gold with blue enamel (which chips, but is still lovely):
Pride and Prejudice
Somehow I got this far in life without reading it. So I am now, and the language that initially turned me off as stilted and contrived, is actually captivating me this time around. Why are those Darcy types so darn appealing...arrogant and snarky and full of themselves?! (And again, note the bookmark, also from Erna!)
Recipe Books
Yup, I have serious Myers-Briggs "J" tendencies. I have two books of favored recipes (mostly from our favorite cooking mag, Cooks Illustrated), organized by type of food (Main Dishes: Chicken; Main Dishes: Vegetarian; Appetizers, etc.), and in plastic protective sleeves. Does it tell you anything else about me that one whole book is devoted to Baking?

I thought I had a nice picture, but it turns out it was blurry. In our house we have big and small spoons, and for me (forever), certain spoons are for certain things and I don't like to mix them up. All soups, hot cereal, yogurt and granola, and stews are Big Spoon meals. Cold cereal, all dessert items, and in hot beverages are Small Spoon occasions. This is way too fussy for my husband to understand.

The picture at the top of the post is the illustration for this entry. I love to hang out the laundry and catch a glimpse of it waving in the breeze from my bedroom window. I don't mind washing it, drying it, and folding it, but I lose steam at putting laundry away. I hate that part so much.

The rules are as follows:
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  1. Iris...too fun! I love the pictures. The one of the laundry set the tone, for sure. My mom used to hang laundry out up until just a few months ago when she and my dad moved. I was lucky, as an adult, to be able to pin it up and take it down for her several times on visits and there's just something so wholesome about it, that sun drenched goodness.

    Your rings are gorgeous and I chuckled at the spoons. I've a little bit of that myself.

    Thanks so much for playing. And most especially for sharing a little bit about yourself. That's the best! XO...Ana