Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In the Studio

I use the term studio loosely here. You may be picturing some kind of light-filled oasis with lots of shelving and work surfaces, but I use the term "studio" to describe my house and its various parts. Sometimes the studio is in the kitchen, sometimes at my art table in the living room, the dining room table is handy for cutting out fabric. Mostly, the studio is wherever I need it to be for whatever I am doing.

I used my first kid-free day at home (both at school!) to make ATCs and to prepare fabric for my next sewing adventure...a bag for me that I have dreamed up, using the owl fabric with green floral lining. Well, that and housework.

The Why Cheap Art Manifesto, by Bread and Puppet, was the inspiration (thanks, Robinsunne---who is having a little giveaway participatory art project right now! Go check it out.) for these cards, with the backgrounds I prepared earlier:

Here is Sylvan, 6, on our George's motorcycle (plumber, adopted grandpa, friend). Sylvan is sporting his ski helmet, cowboy boots, his famous "sport pants," and my brother's tiny little leather biker coat:

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  1. An awesome collection, Iris! And Sylvan is a lucky little fellow. I love motorcycles. That wind through my hair. *Sigh*