Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ATC and Art Journal News

The above ATC is glued right into my Art Journal...

Our Saturday Swap did an ATC Round Robin. So much fun. We all started a card and then passed it on after five minutes or so. The results were really surprising and interesting! It was also a great exercise in letting your art go...into another person's creative hands. Whose art is is really? Hmmm.
And the Press stopped by! Check it out here (you'll have to scroll down a bit, or read the whole thing, it's a cool glimpse of our diverse community!).
The above card was made collaboratively by me and Ella on Friday night, and glued right into the Art Journal. So here are some more pictures from that project, first mentioned in this post. This is Robinsunnes's new book, and YES, they will be for sale! I will keep you posted. Check out her blog to see some images of what she's been doing with hers lately! Leave her a comment if you're interested!


  1. How fun! Cool press coverage, too. I love the idea of a Round Robin. Definitely would help "release the inner artist." Thanks for the rockin' post!

  2. Hi, again! A young blogging friend "tagged" me. She was so excited about her first tag, that of course I played along! I had to pick 6 people. You were one I immediately thought of. If you'd like to play, simply browse my recent post. And if not, no worries! Hope it's a good weekend!...Ana :)

  3. Hi, here is a fun seb page: full of ideas: http://fibreandstitch.com/freebies.htm
    Have fun!