Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sometimes It Ends on a Bad Note

Dahlias from Miss Jean's garden, above.

This morning was Jonas's (4th grader) and Jake's (teacher of 7th graders) first day back at school. When Jonas left with the carpool, he was in a grump about not having more time to do whatever he was planning to, and he barely looked at me as I said goodbye. It felt yucky, and I knew I was holding onto the yuck way more than he probably was. Yup, here's how he looked 20 minutes later:

In the meantime, Sylvan suggested we draw together. He's working on a book about rockets. This is a strange and new passion and he's really dedicated, getting up and getting to work on it! Drawing isn't usually his thing. But it's fascinating to watch.
These folks are on vacation, possibly family members of the rocket crew. From left, Susie, Joe, Violet, Rose Petal, and Tom.
I made this ATC for Jonas and felt better:
Later, Sylvan (6) and I attended the Welcome Tea in the Kindergarten. His symbol:
Classroom beauty:
I love the beginning of school, with all of its rituals.


  1. WOW! That's a classroom? It IS beautiful! And the ATC is very sweet. Glad the day turned out well!

  2. Great shot of those pretty dahlias...found your blog from Beauty that Moves link...thanks!