Friday, October 3, 2008

The Owl Bag

The Owl Bag is done! I'm a sewing fool! It's a little smaller than my usual purse, but big enough for my water bottle, date book, and other essentials, with a few small pockets and sleeve for the water bottle to be held in.
It was Joanie's idea to have the brown duck fabric along the bottom and I love how it looks, and the durability it will add. I didn't have enough fabric to make a long shoulder strap, so I pieced two strips together, cleverly hidden under the matching duck fabric shoulder thingy (a better word?).
Note the double stitching, above, one of the extra special stitches on my machine!
The lady likes her Owl Bag!

And presenting my new and improved Crafting Storage Area:
A pine armoir, generously given to us by some friends at the school. It now holds my art supplies, my fabrics and notions, and all of my saved-for-cutting up one location, where I can see everything and know what I have. I am day-dreaming some nifty totes or baskets for sub-organizing, but for now, this is a big improvement over the pile in the corner of my living room and crowded all over my work table! Now, if the organization fairy only visited my yarn stash...


  1. Your owl bag is really cute. I like the material and the colors, and the lining goes perfectly. It makes me think I should give sewing a chance.

  2. The Owl Bag? Well, it rocks, Iris. I love it! I like the duck fabric at the bottom for the added stability and the contrast. Practical yet fun. The shoulder thingy? In the Carpet Bag I've made, they call it a "shoulder pad." Regardless of the correct term, I know exactly what you mean. I'm just excited. This is too much fun! And I love your newly organized, easily accessible artsy crafty space with the pine armoire. Very nice! People are nice, aren't they?! This is GOOD! Peace! XO...Ana

  3. Hi, I was wandering around the blog world and found this quote:
    “A computer once beat me at chess, but was no match for me at kick boxing.”
    Emo Philips
    I liked this. And I like your bag! Wow! Will you wear it today?
    Love, R

  4. I love your bag! I really hope you will bring it today. Sewing is my nemisis. XO Lis

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog from Ana's blog after seeing the words "Owl bag" and I am smitten with your owl bag!! So cute :)

  6. cute bag! (your kitchen is cute too)

    i have had such a thing for owls lately, don't know what that's about - but your bag really caught my eye.


  7. oh silly me! I had seent he owl bag, but was not thinking on it when I sent the little cards!