Friday, October 10, 2008

Picking Greens By Moonlight, Boys, Bags, and More

Well, it was me and the small guys this week---Jake was out on a tiny island with his middle schoolers in the beautiful fall weather, looking at the ocean through the trees of the campsite.

One boy made it into the newspaper, in a story highlighting Soup Day (Tuesday) in his kindergarten class. We feel lucky when we ( and I am using the Royal "we" here) remember to bring our vegetable contribution.

Here is a birthday present for Sylvan's friend who is having her 6th birthday tomorrow!

The colors are such gorgeous pinks and purples, sadly they are a tiny bit washed out here, but the lighting was tricky. And I finished a small bag to hold those monthly Girlie Items for the sweet daughter of my friend and gave it to her today---in the same fabric as the above bag. Carly's bag has a flap and velcro and I gave it away without taking a photo of it. Simple and so fun to make.

And I shopped my own Stash to make these lovely wristers from a Knitty pattern called Fetching. I love shopping the Stash. These were quick to knit, out of a merino Filatura Di Crosa yarn---super soft and warm. I added an extra cable at wrist and at knuckles to fit my hands better. I made these to wear at work at the library because no matter how high we have the heat, sometimes I can just never stay warm on certain days and my hands freeze while at the desk. Pris, you'll know what I mean! I'm hoping these will help keep the fingers toasty while still able to clatter away at the keyboard.

Green Smoothie Part I
Last night, I was really inspired by Heather's recent post about Green Smoothies. I really like reading her blog and since I have bundles of chard and kale still hanging on out there in the garden I decided to try it this morning. Actually, I was so inspired that after reading the post I went out to the garden and picked my greens by moonlight, knowing that I would NOT keep my motivation if left til this morning!

So I whipped up kale, chard, an apple, and frozen blueberries and strawberries, with water to thin it, and swirled it up in my Whisky-Frisky (aka Cuisinart, since I have no high tech blender). Jonas recommended that if I were selling it, I might want to consider adding food coloring to make the drink look more palatable. But the rich dark purpley-brown color was fine by me and I thought it tasted yummy, even with no sweetener or dates. Full of fiber, veggies, fruit, and totally raw.

The best part: I think it was the perfect thing to eat before my workout. I have been in search of the "right" thing to eat on workout days...not wanting something too heavy, but something that will fill me up in a not-too-full way. I felt terrific all morning.

Will have photos soon...


  1. I like your wristers - I've never heard that term before. I hope to get back into knitting soon. I was just browsing Knitty yesterday for a pattern.

  2. The bag is adorable and that fabric IS the big flowers and the vibrant colors. Fun times!

  3. Great smoothie recipe. I love green smoothies... they can be life changing for people :)