Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm a Winner!

I'm a winner because I have creative children who use tires to make their own fun. So if you drive by and look at my yard, don't think we are unkempt because you may see plastic sleds and rope, tires and stepladders and bicycles strewn about. Be happy for us because we are good-hearted people who sometimes use our things in unusual ways.

I also won my first Blog Giveaway from My ZoeBug, in honor of Amy's birthday! Well, yay, I got a lovely gift certificate to Amy's etsy shop. (Her birthday and I got a present!) And after a lot of deliberation, I decided on this lovely hand-embroidered felt bird...I am already seeing it on a future bag.
But that's not all...She also included some sweet handmade cards featuring owls. Amy, did you see my owl bag and know I am having an owl-love thing right now? So great. Thank you so much, Amy!
And I am also a winner because Robinsunne came to the library yesterday and gave me a hand-made, crocheted, autumn leaves-colored vessel:
She held three strands of yarn and I love the way the diagonal pattern of the single-crochet stitch becomes really noticeable, when you have a nice light color there like the orange.

And get this: Robinsunne is holding an All Hallows Eve Blog Party. The vessel above is featured at the party! You should go have a little look-see. It is so lovely, full of gnomes, fancily-dressed ladies, delicious treats, and even a "party favorite." Beautiful job, Robinsunne! And thank you!


  1. Congrats! The hand embroidered felt bird is adorable, the owl notecards, too. Perfect! Enjoy! XO...Ana

  2. OH good! So glad everything arrived1 I had not seen the owl bag...going off to see it now if I can find it! So happy you are pleased with them- they were fun to make!