Sunday, October 12, 2008

Full Fall Day

Green Smoothie Part II
Remember my Green Smoothie Experience from my last post? Well I wanted to show you how my yummy 2nd Green Smoothie turned out. This time I had mostly chard (rainbow, the chocolatey brown leaves) and only a little kale (the first one was too kale-y), a banana, thawed strawberries from our local organic U-Pick, and water. Tomorrow, I will try it all again and go work out. Hmmm, a little fresh pineapple?
Sylvan Rides Again
Sylvan and George, our local adopted Grandpa and also our plumber, took an excursion by motorcycle to the Owl's Head Transportation Museum to look at some old cars and were gone most of the day. Sylvan even got to ride in a Model T! Here is our little dude in his riding gear:
Bye, Mom, and they were off.
While Sylvan was gone, we three wanted to do something in the lovely fall weather.
I wanted to hike, but was out-voted by some golfing fans. Not being a golfer (more of a bowler), I took along my knitting.
(New socks on the way for Jake, two-at-a-time method! Do you love this Kaffe Fassett yarn or what?)
But I did try out one hole. It was OK, but not better than knitting. Mostly I was just happy to watch for balls flying into piles of leaves, being with my boys out in the sunshine. Jonas had some great shots.
Scarecrow Contest
Then we hustled over to our local breakfast place/farmstand to find out the results of the Scarecrow Contest, in which Jonas and Sylvan had an entry called Two Brothers. Awww.
They didn't win. But no one was too disappointed, and the Brothers will stay on display til Halloween.

And there were plenty of Delicatas on sale (79 cents a pound!), my favorite squash. A little butter and maple syrup makes them even better.

I'm ready for bed!
Good night.


  1. A lovely day, Iris, indeed! Oh, that Kaffe Fassett yarn is as gorgeous as his fabric. Yum! XO...Ana

  2. Hey I-
    Sorry I've been out of touch. Things will settle down here soon.

    When I was scrolling through this post I saw the pic of Jonas golfing and noticed he looks just like you in profile...for a sec I thought it was you.

    Love to all-

  3. This was a most delightful day to follow! Fall is such a glorious season! The Kaffe yarn is amazing. Please share it with us when you are finished!
    ~Emily xo