Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello Crafting!

I have three knitting projects in process, for three different men in my life. So you know, I can only knit on certain projects in front of certain men. That cute needle case is from Emily, that dear soul, who makes me laugh because when she knits on size 3.5 needles things go so quickly for her (as compared to her usual hummingbird size 000s).

This Hats On! book (Charlene Schurch) is my nemesis. The gauge in it is completely untrustworthy. For example, for a two-color Norwegian hat, the author suggests worsted weight yarn and--get this--6 stitches per inch. OK, so if you are not a knitter, let me translate: Norwegian hats are dainty things with intricate patterns, meaning that they are basically double-knit because you are carrying yarn almost all the time. If you knit them in worsted, at 6 st/in you will have a fabric that is very close to the flexibility of cardboard and about as pliable. Que ridiculo! (More on the reason why I subject myself to this hated pattern FOR THE FOURTH TIME to follow. One hint: L.o.v.e.)
Another round for the elder boy with a fever, only two weeks after he was sick with something similar. So lots of couch time and reading for him. When we decorated the Christmas tree last night, the lights were too bright for him to stay in the room! He's so snuggly when he's sick. We have been reading Nicholas Again for laughs, and also Edith Hamilton's Mythology when we are in a more serious mood (like when Jason is such a superjerk that Medea slays her children), a gift for his eleventh birthday from his GodMama.

Sylvan has been hard at work tending the nature table, blending wooden animals and figures with the plastic Playmobil creche, to admire the new baby. Somehow I think Jesus would approve of this harmonious approach to toy brotherhood/sisterhood. Not that we are really religious most of the time, but the story of a special baby born in December has had significance for our family since we had our firstborn during this month, eleven years ago!
Oh the quilt! Will it be done in time for Christmas??? I can't wait to snuggle under it!


  1. OOOh, I hope you get your quilt done in time!!!

    I am rooting for you... fingers crossed!!!



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  3. You make me laugh, even when it's something quite serious as knitting with small needles and tiny stitches of which I know nothing about!

    I adore the story of your youngest arranging the nature table. I agree. The babe would have no serious problems with the toys, rather, delight in the fact that being together, openly and with love of a pure heart, is exactly what was intended for human kind and creatures, great and small, in this world.

    I wish good health to your eldest. He does look snug as a bug. How good he enjoys reading adventures for just such times.

    And that quilt...I still love those colors and fabrics.