Monday, December 28, 2009

Vacation from Waldorf Land.

[MOM! Stop reading this if it is before I see you!!!! I mean it! I know how you skip to the end of books!]

So in the spirit of full disclosure, I will tell you that though my husband is a Waldorf teacher and we have chosen to raise our children quite differently from "the norm" (as in minimal media exposure, emphasis on play, etc.), there are times for other experiences also. Frequently these experiences come when we visit or are visited by our family.

we are sleeping under our quilt!
Though we set some pretty clear boundaries this year about certain console video gaming systems that one well-meaning relative wanted to give our boys ("No. Thanks anyway. But really. No."), we compromised on several new GameBoy game cartridges for Jonas. And Sylvan got two laser tag shooting gun things that light up and make obnoxious noises. The GameBoy comes out a few times a year and Jonas knows this. These things come and go. Was it hard to watch my twinkly-eyed boy display classic symptoms of addiction and withdrawal from the handheld game this weekend? Plugged in and totally tuned out of life for hours at a time? Did I not always love the sound of the laser guns with their beeping as they rocketed by me? Yes it was hard, no I didn't always love it, and thank God these loud obnoxious things have a planned obsolescence (or actually this is pretty gross). But I didn't let it ruin my enjoyment of the weekend either.

The thing that I learned way back in childbirth ed. class was that it's the people who set hard and fast rules for their ideal experience that end up with the exact opposite, like the Universe just comes down on you for being rigid. Vehemently opposed to epidurals and caesareans and want an au naturel birthing experience? You're pretty sure to end up with quite a few interventions. Planning for an epidural? You'll end up too far along to get one anyway and get the natural childbirth that you never wanted.
So. We make these little forays into the mainstream, dipping in our toes so to speak. And then realize why the choices that we have made are right for *our family*. And it's a lot quieter too.
This fun little bag (shhh! for my mom!) is from a new gift book, totally inspiring.
And even better, I used what I had on hand! Love that. I tucked her other little gifts inside. It's sort of the perfect bag for a few books or a knitting project. The two exterior layers are quilted, so there's a little "heft" to it. The cover depicts same bag. I found the instructions in the book a little lacking, but made it up when I wasn't sure and things turned out OK. Not necessarily a beginner's book, but hey! That's cool too, I guess I have moved up in the world!
And this book. Oh, man. Total eye candy. These amazing tree houses are made by some crafty Frenchmen. It is the perfect midwinter fantasy book, thinking of the sound of swishing leaves and golden wood all around me. A great gift from one of Jake's students. Make up an excuse to go out and buy this book.

And have a healthy and happy and peaceful New Year!


  1. gorgeous Iris, that patchwork has style, and outa scraps too - you have got to love it. Hmm yes our son will have a very wholesome upbringing too - what doesn't kill them only makes 'em wierd, that's my motto.

  2. That patchwork bag is lovely . . . lucky mom. And good for you to encourage and nurture imagination in your children. Lord knows it's harder to do these days. I enjoyed reading about the pitfalls that I had never even thought about that you are faced with.

  3. I love your writing. It is so easy to read.I love you too.

  4. Happy new Year! I love your philosophy, and we try to roll along with the kids to a point also, emphasis on the quieter, natural way of living, but some technology is good some of the time too. Finding the balance is key. here's to 2010!