Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter: Part 1

too late for this year we learned of Peepshi,
Peeps Sushi (thanks, Kerry!)
Where are the Easter pictures, CraftingMama? Yes, yes, finally uploaded. We had a pleasantly gorgeous Easter day this year: the weather was beautiful and even a little HOT (remember last year?? fleece coats, red fingers from the whipping wind?). The hotness meant that I had my bare legs on view, in a skirt no less. This is so so so very rare for Easter in Maine.

We tried a Martha Stewart idea and used electrical tape on our eggs to block out certain areas. It was easy and fun to do. I also lit up a candle and used a wax resist method, making round dots on the eggs. I loved my red mushroom one, but then somehow moisture set in and made it sort of mottly.
a variety of eggs:
felted, sewn of felt, blown out and covered in origami paper, made of soap,
glass, and blown out and dyed with tissue paper
Easter hunt at home, then on to friends' for an idyllic afternoon with kids, stream, trampoline, more egg hunting, great food and hanging out. It's an important holiday in our family because you may remember that it is Jonas's favorite. More to come...


  1. between the bellies and are my fave!
    happy spring iris!

  2. Those are some beautiful bellies: bet they enjoyed the sunny day.

    It was a beautiful Easter, wasn't it?

    And speaking of sunny days...

    It was so nice to see you the other day and your kind words meant a lot to me... so, thanks.

    You are one of a kind, lady!