Sunday, April 12, 2009

Star of a Day

We had a brisk, Maine-style Easter day: whipping wind and temps in the mid-40s (F). Hats, runny noses, parkas, the whole shooting match. Did I mention Sugar was also present, as in White, Refined, and Completely Unhealthy?
The day was a success on many levels, and satisfied my party-loving 10 year-old's need for a festive gathering on his Favorite Holiday. But the most important one is this: No one came in personal contact with chicken poop. Because my dearest Love of a Husband scooped it all away in preparation.
Egg-peeling by Miss Z. (who was, in Sylvan's opinion, the very best part of the whole day---More than candy?!---Yes!!!), who liked using the step-on garbage lid-opener. Do I need to draw your attention to the adorable legs in tights and small shoes? Or is it obvious enough that I was nearly in a swoon while taking the photo?

I loved seeing our friends' eggs. So much more creative than ours, and in much greater quantity! Next year we'll have to try our hand with rubber bands, sticky tacky (that stuff that sticks posters to walls), and get a little more loose with our form. This one, below, is like the Universe Egg:
So beautiful.
At left, this was supposed to say OM in Sanskrit, but it's backwards, so we think it says MO. And since my boys love deviled eggs, why not, we'll get a couple dozen more eggs next year!


  1. What a wonderful day! Love the many eggs, but like you, it's those cute little legs in delicious tights and wee shoes that make the heart sing. And let's not forget those itsy bitsy fingers peeling an egg and doing a most excellent job of it. :)

    Good days are ours, indeed!


  2. Looks great, Upstate NY wasn't any warmer - I chickened out and had our treasure/egg hunt inside!!!!
    Glad you had a wonderful Easter!

  3. I love that dress! And those legs are dreamy!

    Thank you for the bike tip -- I think that's how they do it in Europe and the bikes don't even have training wheels on them...They are balance bikes that they just learn to work and then they move straight to the big one.

    It is a back-killer. Especially after a pretty house-bound winter.

    I can't wait to post my hankie...still not sure it's arrived but when I hear, watch out! Thanks for doing that with me. It was super fun.


  4. Now that really does look like a top-shelf easter egg hunt! And top-shelf decorated eggs, too!