Thursday, April 16, 2009

Creative approaches

I know this incredible, creative, brilliantly intelligent, generous and kind person who does awesome things named Matthew. He has a new project currently that absolutely fascinates me and I'm hoping you'll take a moment to read this post right now.
If you actually live in the vicinity of New York City, stop by and pose your question. He's giving updates on his locations via the blog. I wish I could show up in person.

In addition to this creative project, Matthew has also produced an award-winning documentary film (due out this fall) about the reasons why poverty still exists in our world, entitled The End of Poverty? And while producer can mean lots of things, what I think is amazing is that this was Matthew's own idea that he pitched to a production company, he got in touch with these brilliant experts from all over the world, and now here is this film that was an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival!

So, take a moment and explore that post. It fills me with wonder.


  1. Unbelievably amazing and inspirational, Iris. I've bookmarked the blogspot to re-visit. So timely during these troubled economic times to give us courage, hope and soul to reinvent our lives if needed.

    Thank you so much for sharing.


    P.S., And I'm so looking forward to the quilts from your local fabric store! FUN!

  2. I wish I was in NY right now so I could ask him about something I have been thinking about. What a cool guy.

    WV: inifer. Almost like typing my name! Freaky!