Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Hankies are Flying!

Guess what I got in the mail from Miesmama yesterday?
My Spring Hankie and other goodies from the Swap---CHOO! Big thanks, Miesmama! Don't you love that Kaffe Fassett in pink and orange? How did she know I have a crush on Kaffe?! AND his fabric?!!!
A poem on a hand-made card, in honor of National Poetry Month:
I think Miesmama could be ready for ATCs, don't you? I am seeing some real talent for visual combination here.
Don't you love to see handwriting?
What an incredible way to make "F" Miesmama has!
And a lovely handmade pin:
She blogged about it here, and I am restraining myself from posting a pic of the little package I sent to her, because it may come in her mailbox today! Miesmama has a lovely little etsy shop where she sells some kickin' upcycled bags, with lovely applique, made from felted men's sweaters.

These swaps are so great. I mean, not just that you get to have some lovely hand-made stuff, but that I have this new blog-friend, someone who also favors the movie My Neighbor Totoro (one of my family's all-time faves), who likes the soundtrack from the movie Amelie (another favorite of mine, but I wore out my family's ears on it), who is inspired by nature, and who takes care of our planet.

Check out Earth and Living's happy mail day when her hankie arrived, in this post. She has some great, green ideas on her blog, including reusable cloth pee-cloths! What an idea for us girls. I used cloth wipes for my babies and laundered them, so why not? We'll leave the boys to drip dry.

I expect more hankie posts to be popping up like the snow-drops in my garden.


  1. I just put my hankie in the mail today, and am super excited to post about it...but will restrain myself until I'm sure it arrives in Vancouver! I love all the hankies I've seen already.

  2. Oh, this IS fun, getting surprises in the mail from complete strangers! I'm heading over to the flickr group to see if anything's happening there. I've avoided it, because I didn't want to risk seeing 'my' hankie before it arrived.

  3. lovely post! I'm sooo glad you like it! I have thought about ATC's before, maybe you're right and it'll be my next endeavour! :D