Monday, April 27, 2009

Buttercups are popping up

I'm sorry to tell you,
but I love taking photos of my clothesline,
so you may just be seeing more of these in the months to come.

Well, OK, not literally outside in the grass (which, please note, is green now!). But I had to make another trip to Alewives for MORE fat quarters and magnetic clasps to make MORE Buttercup bags. This is how deep my desire to get there was: I took the boys along with me. Which turned out to be great because Jonas (with his keen eye for color and 10 year-old fearlessness) helped me to pick out a lining fabric that was *just* a tiny bit out of my comfort zone. And Sylvan found buttons to match, amazingly.

I have a lot of spring/summer birthday girls in my I am only able to show you a limited selection of combinations that will go to non-Blog readers.
It's going to be hard to let this combo go.
The red is the outer fabric.
I'm sort of in love with it.
Um, the flipping owls?!
And the buttons, in real life, are an amazing match,
which I am sorry my photo does not reflect.
The person for whom this montage is destined
actually DOES read this blog.
So she'll just have to wonder.
To reward these good boys for their patience, I let them both pick out a fat quarter of their own. Sylvan fell in love with this fabric which he proclaimed perfect for Miss E. He drew me a picture of how he wanted it to look, fingerknit the little button loop, and helped me guide the fabric through the machine. How wonderfully selfless of him! I am secretly so glad he didn't go with his first choice which were color-rich, intense fruits and vegetables. It's good to remember that frequently, an adult aesthetic is totally different from a child's (except in the case of my father-in-law who, left to his own devices, might paint his house outlandish colors).

I am just weeks away from the end of my first semester in grad school and already making my summer reading list...and sewing project list.


  1. Oooo i love all those fabrics, and the buttercup bag is really cute! I think I see one in my future! :D

  2. Those are the coolest fabrics and your kids did very well!

  3. Lovely fabrics, the owl one is just unbelievably sweet!
    On the topic of clothes lines, I have learned a lot of clothes line ettiquette living next door to old folks, as I do. I now know that the "smalls" are supposed to go on the inner lines, in between sheets or towels or whatever, so that your neighbours can't see them.

  4. Awesome, lovely fabric combos...each and every one. I think I like your boys, very much! :)

    And I can't tell you how so very excited I've been since a little correspondence this past weekend. I had a BLAST yesterday choosing some fabrics. Cannot, cannot wait to make my choices!

    Happy Tuesday and I look forward to more from your clothesline...simple, delicious pleasures.

  5. Hooray for clothesline photos, you cannot go wrong.

    You KNOW which buttercup bag combo I like the best... but they all look great;)

    You have a good eye for fabrics and your boys are so cute: tell Sylvan that Reuben is not usually at the store: I was staying late and brought him over to keep me company.

    He wants ALL your boys to come back soon, they are so sweet.

    See you later,



  6. i love that fabric! happy spring!

  7. Love those fabric/button combos...I'm secretly (hmm, well no more) a bit envious of your fabric store trips!

    Oh, and just to let you know...I had a little smile when I read about Jake's dad because my father-in-law HAS painted his house many outlandish colors...I'll send pics sometime :)

    My verification word: spolly (sounds like a British adjective to me).