Saturday, May 2, 2009

Artist Journals, Knitting, Flowers

Robinsunne and I are collaborating on an Artist Journal mini-course at the library, which you may remember. The quick recap is that Artist Journals can be anything, narrative or not, personal or not, for a purpose or just to explore get the idea. They are any and everything. This seemed like a logical next step to try with our intrepid library artists! So we plastify the children's room and cram in there and make art together. It's fabulous.
Here is what I have done so far...and let me say that Jonas and I are collaborating on a book together.
If you're wondering, yes, that is a domino,
and it's affixed with some seriously strong
Acrylic Gel Medium.
Perhaps you also remember the travel journal I made for Jonas last summer (you can read about it here and here).

I finished the Simple Yet Effective Shawl and was unprepared for its smallness. It was disappointing that it was not the vision I had for it, but oh well. I am wearing it here as a kerchief, because the ends of it, when worn in typical shawl fashion, are not even close to meeting. I am not busty, or large, so I don't know what's up with that. Perhaps I will ultimately gift it to a midget or a small child.
Also, sneakily, the pattern photos have way wider swaths of pattern repeat...I followed the directions and my result is different (and I wouldn't have had enough yarn to have wider swaths either!). So, it is a good basis for a pattern, but I was underwhelmed and even annoyed, ultimately. If I buy a pattern, I expect it to perform like the photo or I feel tricked.
And if you are wondering about my absence this week, I made a really quick trip to the BIG big city, Boston, for a fancy event, wearing these shoes. So as a result, the flow of things around here is pretty compressed, as my graduation and end of semester wind up next week. I have lots of loose ends to tie up and am praying that everyone stays well and healthy and goes to school next week as they are supposed to so I can do what needs doing (and what didn't get done this week!). Schoolwork, then housecleaning.

There were lovely blooming flowers
and two very un-shy little sparrows, mating brazenly just off the side-walk from us, something I had never seen in wild birds. Sorry, no pictures, that just felt like too much of a violation since I am not a bird pornographer.


  1. Hi, I have been sewing a LOT lately and it has been a great time to let my lovely dial-up connection load while I stitch. Re: your post, AJ, like that: read this: Oh! Yum!

  2. those shoes are so adorable.

    meep about your shawl. could be good for arthritic shoulders when you get older though.

    lovely spring photos. I could show you some of drizzly cold grey days.

    ornithopornography? I'm sure there's someone, somewhere who's into it.

  3. sometimes with bird pornography a few words say more than a photo ever could

  4. I love your sense of humor, one of the many wonderful things about you. And CONGRATS on graduation and the end of semester. Exciting, magical Spring days!


  5. I. love. those. shoes.
    And frankly I'm disgusted at the lewd behaviour shown by birds these days. I'm sure they didn't do that when I was a lass in pigtails.

  6. Bummer about the shawl! I feel your pain...

    Bston is sooo pretty this time of year... I hope you had a nice trip!