Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rainy, Green Sunday

It's apple blossom time.

Two lovely packages arrived for me yesterday from friends. In one, I found this treasure trove of media from a very dear friend. The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resiliency by Rob Hopkins (view Youtube interview here), articles to read that question the relevance of homework, and a DVD called The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil. So exciting. I can't wait to dive into this subject. I have been inspired by the idea of grassroots action and I think I might be ready to stick my neck out there for this important subject. 
I am also reading a young adult book right now called The Carbon Diaries, 2015 by Saci Lloyd, just to warm up to the topic, as it is being presented to youth. It's narrated by a funny, musical main character, whose family is dealing with carbon rationing in the UK with varying degrees of success. Some of it is really scary, but in a scarily realistic way, particularly in the way that it portrays the stresses this places on a family in an urban setting. I'm thinking...yikes, what would we do out here in our part of the world without public transport to get to our jobs? Would we have jobs to go to? I guess in many ways we would be better off, in that we can grow some of our own food. But. There are still some big Buts. I don't mean to make it out as bleak, because there is a healthy dose of teen angst, humor, romance (or lack of it), and I'm enjoying it.

New yellow bowl, set of three with bees on them.
If you look closely, it's also a self-portrait.
The other package, which I am showing great restraint in NOT OPENING, is a swap that I am doing with A Sew Groovy Chick! I want to have MY part of the swap in the mail to her before I open my package from her, and hers will be ready to go out tomorrow.

Breakfast tray for the soon-to-be birthday boy,
turning 35 tomorrow.

Fruit tart by Hannah, who brought it as my gift last weekend. The tart and the tart pan!
The custard was lovely and lemony. And in the new carbon world order, all but the strawberries will be completely irrelevant to me. No more mangoes and kiwis and lemons for people who live in Maine. So let's enjoy these gorgeous colors and artistry while we can.
Eating local can be beautiful and delicious also...Stay tuned!


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe you've received the package, but haven't opened it yet. But, I like that, very much, because then it is totally & entirely us, who we are, all wrapped up and individual. You just be, raw and in the moment, and all is good, the best of the person. Really awesome, Iris.

    Peace out!


    P.S., And my mouth is watering. Beautiful color.

  2. Good heavens, that has to be the most extreme self control ever. I even tear into bills with reckless enthusiasm, I'm that excited about getting mail.
    Beautiful photos as always Iris. The apple blossom is so very pink and green and springy.

  3. This is the most beautiful tart I've ever seen. Ever. XXOO

  4. What a beautifully made fruit tart - yum!♥
    Thanks for your comments, I'm truly addicted to ATC's, I have about 6 made and ready to send out, and 6 more to make! lol!