Monday, May 4, 2009

Thrifty tip for boundless fun!

A lot of bloggers are thinking about ways to be thrifty  these days (among many others, the bloggers at Simple Green Frugal CoOp, and Miss Smith at Home) and I have a hot new tip to share.

Need some smiles around your place, of an afternoon? Looking for fun at no cost? Giggles galore? 

Try this: Lightly toss a glitter bouncy ball on your mom's belly and listen to the satisfying *ploop* that it makes when you drop it. Bonus points if it lands in her belly button.

This is one reason why I would never be worried to be stranded in an airport with my children. It exemplifies some of the reasons why I love them most.


  1. I LOVE this game. It's one that only children could dream up!

  2. Great game! I love stranded moments in the airport with my girls, actually. I once let my crawling Miss Kinder go the entire length of one concourse in JFK while waiting for a flight. I think it took nearly an hour, and she couldn't have been more excited. The entire airport was horrified!