Thursday, May 21, 2009

Swap Love

two hankies for that Sew Groovy one,
with a Scrabble tile that happened to be on the floor
in her first initial!
Maybe you've stopped by A Sew Groovy Chick's place and seen her amazing creations for yourself, like these ones here and here and here. I have been an admirer of this woman's eye for color, bravery with bold fabrics, and attention for the technical details. It was with some shyness that I proposed a swap with her: a Buttercup bag (with a couple of hankies thrown in), made with love by me (a non-expert beginner bag-maker) for whatever she wanted to make me, because I was sure I would love it. I did and do!

Her package arrived first. But since mine wasn't done yet, I let it sit quietly on my kitchen window seat until mine was in the mail. Here's the card she sent, using selvedge edges and little strips to make a mini-quilt:

tiny, neat handwriting and kind words!

And inside the package, was THIS riot of color. Check Sew Groovy's post with her photos, as I was not able to capture the true colors of the bag's goodness.
my own cafe apron, an Amy Butler Swing Bag, and two fat quarters
she added a layer of cotton between the exterior and interior, 
so it's sturdy and can hold a book or two
(she must know me!)
love those interior sunbursts and spirals

goth cafe apron---reversible
and so cool

So. Here's what I sent to her (read her post here). This Buttercup bag, with buttons found in the store by Sylvan that were a perfect complement:

Matryoshka fabric lining---
Must remember to ask her about her Russian connections,
she alluded to being in Moscow and St. Petersburg at one time

So, thanks ever so much for playing, Ana! Thank you for saying yes, and for the wonderful gifts of love that you sent me. They are treasures! Wear your Buttercup with pride!

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  1. Dearest Iris...thank you for your gifts of love. It was so much fun and brought immense pleasure to do this swap with you. I adore my Buttercup, my sweet hankies and your card. I will wear my Buttercup, carry my hankies, with a huge smile on my face and with pride for your artistic beauty and person.

    I hope others will come to your space to enjoy the goodness of life you share. And however it was that I found you, over a year ago, I am so glad I did!

    Peace, sunbeams, and love,