Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jonas Returns with his Travel Journal

My favorite hand-carved by me stamp, with augmentation by Jonas. It looks like the chicken is pecking at a melon half!

Jonas returned from his road trip with a full travel journal! If you remember, I made a little book for my boy to take with him on his adventure with my mom and brother. They went to Indiana to visit a family beloved and East Coast transplant, Giselle (she is one of those Kid Magnets, who is a kind of a fairy godmother to many). He filled it with writings and drawings and doodles and hangman, lots of lists, some ephemera, and my mom and brother and others had their hands in it too.
Note torn cover, above, a good sign of use, at upper right hand side near the binding!

One of the new people that Jonas met was Abdul, who wrote Jonas's name in Arabic, here:

And here is the Arabic alphabet :
Jonas and my brother played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons while on the trip. Here is my brother's map of the capital city:
A filled-in chart...This car game is popular in our family:
We're so glad he's home with us again.


  1. very cute stamp! and the traveling journal is even cuter! I made some for my kids too..although they can't write yet they're just colouring and putting pictures in it from the summer holidays...will be so nice to look in it in cold winter days...

  2. OK, so a comment on a "way old" post, but I was just re-reading the archives and have to say that Bjorn's map reminds me of SAIC when "Little James" would draw those super-detailed things like rocket ships etc...remember?