Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Having a New Project is Like Being in Love

You know, that thrill to spend time to together...finding yourself daydreaming about the new love...hurrying through chores around the house so you can have a date, etc.

My date with Joanie for sewing mentorship was absolutely lovely. Of course she is patient with my tentative beginner-ness, sharing tips and ideas on how to do things, and how NOT to make my machine get out of timing again. I wasn't ready for our playdate to end, even after 4 hours (hmmm, now I remember how my kids must feel)!

I made one little purse and it was pretty good, but then I adjusted the pattern I had made a bit. The next purse, which you are seeing here, has some interfacing on the inside of the exterior fabric. I like the added stiffness, which makes it a little more finished-looking.

Here's a side view:
Detail of the "nip" which is the new vocabulary word I learned to describe that little tucked in part at the bottom, that makes it flat:
Can you just see the tiny pocket inside for some small treasure?
Today I hope to cut out pieces for two more purses!

Internship News...
I am almost done with my library schooling (bachelors degree in Library Science). The only thing left is my internship this fall, and then graduation in the spring (at very long last). On my way to this degree I have studied on both coasts, and in the middle, for Russian Studies and Fine Arts; I have attended Hampshire College, Reed College, Greenfield Community College, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and finally, University of Maine. The good part is that I like being a student.

My internship will be at the Camden-Rockport Middle School, with Mrs. Kathy Foss who is astonishing in her energy and enthusiasm for middle schoolers and literacy. I knew she was something special when I got rave reviews about her from 13 year-old boys. Check out the library's webpage if you want to get a feel for where I'll be spending one day a week this fall. I will be learning basic procedures and processes, helping with basics around the library, helping kids and maybe teachers, and working on some collection maintenance stuff (weeding, updating the online lists, creating annotated lists of historical fiction by unit, and using the whiz-bang Follett Title Wave software to analyze the collection needs).

So I will be extra busy and hoping to still make time for all of the other parts of my life that thrill me. Wish me luck, I start in two weeks!


  1. I wish you luck!!!XO
    And those purses are sooo lovely. I giggled at your vocabulary lesson.
    Hey, if the Librarian gig doesn't work out I think Designer Handbags has a place for you...
    Oh! and check out my blog: for what we did last night at the Library ATC Swap! SO FAB.

  2. These are so pretty! I had actually seen this when you first made it- but must not have had the time to comment... I have some of the same chicken fabric on my dolls in my shop now and had some last spring too. Love the fabrics you used and they have turned out so nicely with the interfacing. PRO looking!
    ~Emily xxoo