Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer and Sickness

The garlic is harvested and clean! The Y chromosomes of this house have been hit with illness this week. So strange in summer, but high fevers and aches all around. Even Dada got sick, which is rare; good thing, too, because he is a terrible sick person. Mama stayed well---rock the immune system!---and played a lot of Florence Nightingale.
Cozy nests were all over the house; Sylvan was in the kitchen windowseat, above (windows covered for achy eyes).
Jonas, recovering, with his Monopoly loot in hand. Always a good sign of health returning, if you're up for Monopoly!


  1. Oh, having is sick husband and kids is so tough. That is great that you are healthy through it all. I am sure they needed you greatly.

    I can see you are taking brilliant photos with your new camera! The garlic photos are fantastic. Looking at them is making me want a new camera too.

    I hope everyone has recovered now!
    hugs from Emily xxoo