Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Signs of Sylvan

Notice the small item on the right side of the bed: it's a small wooden piglet, snuggled in a knit dollhouse-doll vest, sleeping next to the Sylvan Doll. We are looking at its bottom end.

After a half-hour fuss over not getting to watch a movie, Sylvan decided abruptly to make an ATC for Miss Joanie. We had been speaking about how some people do things like make art, play music, take a bike ride, sing loudly when they are REALLY angry. Instead of throwing books at each other. Some time passed, then this:
Sylvan is learning to sleep alone.
It's just too sticky in our queensize for two grown-ups and a big six-year old boy who likes to sleep with his elbows under your kidneys and his legs smushed between yours. This is his Cozy Nest on the floor of our bedroom. He starts in his own bed and migrates to this spot in the night. The first night it felt like having a newborn again: lots of waking up and fussing all night. The next morning my eyes felt like they were wearing sandpaper.

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  1. Sorry Iris, I'm with Sylvan on this one...sometimes it IS more satisfying to throw books. ;)