Friday, August 8, 2008

Still Raining, Still Dreaming

The grass is just growing into a jungle. No hope for mowing in sight. Lots more indoor time than I usually expect in August, and chilly! But lots of time to read...

...And knit on my gossamer sweater, first mentioned here. The title of that post is also applicable to August in Maine as well. I am through with the body and working on the first sleeve. Jake calls it knit lingerie.

Inspired by so many of you stellar sewing Mamas out there (Robinsunne, Ravenhill, Blij Als Mij, Bluebirdbaby, Soule Mama, etc.), I am dusting off my machine and taking it to the local Wizard for a tune-up. The machine that has always made me a little nervous and usually frustrated, probably mostly because of me. No one ever taught me sewing. So can I blame my poor machine? I'm excited and scared to meet up with a Tuned Up Machine and a new mindset. Wish me luck.

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  1. We are having pretty much the same weather this August. It was really a surprise, usually August in Norway is one of the nicer summer months. It is rather tough to face winter with a month extra of fall and minus a month of summer!

    Lovely to see you kniting and to think of you starting to sew! Wish we were nearer - I could help you with sewing and you could teach me to make ACEOs!
    Happy weekend Iris!!!
    Emily xxoo