Saturday, April 18, 2009


the treats table,
since all that shopping is exhausting
Alewives Girl (of Alewives Fabrics, check out the new website here) turned 30 this week and she hosted a big store party with 30% off! It was a teeming madhouse of fabric hungry celebrants...and we had been encouraged to bring gifts for the girl! Some of the brave ladies present actually brought along their young children, in carseats, backpacks, slings, and mobile ones too. That's dedication---I find taking the kids to the dentist or haranguing them into bathing infinitely more enjoyable than having them along at a fabric store.
The work room was filled with Turning Twenty quilt tops on the walls, perfect inspiration for me to get a move on with my own.

Inspiration #1:
that bird fabric?! so awesome.
Inspiration #2:
Inspiration #3:
Inspiration #4:
Cool applique:
Thanks for hosting, Rhea! I am now armed with some fat quarters to have handy for making more hankies, as well as a little purse pattern I am hoping to try on Monday!

This boy celebrated his 6 and 3/4 birthday at school this week. It is the last time we will hear a kindergarten teacher tell our child's life story and I was a little bit wistful about that. With each candle that is lit, an anecdote about that year in Sylvan's life was lovingly shared by the teacher:
The birthday boy (symbol=Moon) got to sit in the Special Birthday Chair and collect the symbols from his friends as they sat in their designated spots:
Here is the table set for lunch and cake, with beautiful felted tea cozy:
So much to celebrate this week, including some much-needed spring sunshine and warmth that we have waited so long for.


  1. oh, that inspiration #1 is beautiful!

  2. wow - I love those fabrics! Especially the one with the babuska (matroika) dolls .. I really love them, I've been wanting to make something with them on for soooo long.

    Now Iris, don't be shy, where did you learn to take such beautiful photos?

  3. Oh my goodness... I love all of the stories about Sylvan's birthday celebration with his class! And why haven't I ever thought to celebrate a 3/4 birthday? There is much cause for celebration, indeed.

    And I especially loved all of the color in inspiration #1.

    It was such a treat to see you the other night. I hope you enjoy these next quiet days! xoxo Hannah

  4. The quilts are all so lovely, Iris, as I know yours will be when you finish. I particularly like Inspiration #1. That bird fabric is fantastic!

    And such a sweet tradition of birthday celebration. I like it, very much!

  5. Oooh lots of fabric loveliness! What a wonderful few days you had, Happy 6 3/4 Birthday to Sylvan! :D