Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catching Up: 2

Breakfast Still Life.
New favorite cup seems to like the company of the small purple teapot.

Apologies for the ick lighting here. This is a stove top created by Sylvan from a dart board (the burner), and the electric cord is one of those therapeutic bands for exercise. You can't see it, but the cord was "plugged" into the wall (behind a basket). Truly avant garde-style portions: 5 pieces of spinach and 1 carrot stick.
I don't want readers to get the mistaken impression that we are all peaceful fabric and adorable teacups here. Sometimes things get really hairy. With yelling. Loudly. Like last night, when two boys were screaming and crying and dad was about to lose it because no one was picking up their toys when he asked and mom was stressed because of trying to figure out school-related somethings.
These are the times when I think to myself...if two parents aren't enough, however do single parents make it work? Because yesterday, after my day of work when all the networks were overloaded and our Internet was spotty, and not even the smallest thing was easy, I really didn't want to show up for the parenting job. I just wanted to come home to an empty house and enjoy some silence and sort out my school stuff. So, if you're a single parent and you're reading this, I know you're in the trenches and I salute you.

Here's the finished quilt top:
This weekend I hope to start on the border. And for those of you wondering, that little half inch problem I was having here? As it turned out I had purchased a fat quarter of a fabric from this same family and it was here in my stash! A good thought to save for later: maybe I'll remember to overbuy slightly, just in case.


  1. Great job on the quilt.. I have to say it seems like only yesterday you started it but then I think anyone who sews a quilt in less than a year is on speed. Beautiful fabrics .. it looks gorgeous and so modern!

    I also appreciated the cow-creamer in the top photo. I am a great fan of cow creamers although I don't own one myself, but they always crack me up, nonetheless.

  2. iris, the quilt is gorgeous! You have jumped into sewing so fast and expertly! I truly love the fabrics and colors of the quilt. I am impressed by the size of the project too - I have yet to attempt anything that big!

    I loved what you said about not wanting to show up for the parenting job and so know how you feel. You have a way with words and your honesty is refreshing especially since you expressed so well what I too frequently feel...We wouldn't want the children to think that they have to be perfect though would we?

  3. I'm so glad you're back!

    Love the sledding/art post: two of my favorite things.

    And of COURSE, the quilt top looks so nice. It's been neat to watch you make progress with it!



  4. Wonderful color combination! I have also something in turquoise and brown in mind.