Thursday, January 15, 2009

Computer Blech

A picture-less post comes very infrequently here. Sigh. Some computer dramas that are related to me coming to the unhappy realization that for my new educational adventure through San Jose State U., for my master's in Library Science, I will require a new computer. Gulp. And did I mention my classes get going in less than two weeks? Yup. The computer that is almost four years old just doesn't have the same capability that my program requires. Oh, and?---It also appears to have a virus. So, it's with the doctor right now. So no blogging, emailing, or even RESEARCHING for a new computer from home!

So instead of the yesterday I thought I would have, full of lots of comparing prices and copying all of my pictures onto CDs, backing up information, and looking at the screen all day, I had my idea of a perfect vacation-at-home day. I alternated working on art and working on fabric, by the woodstove, with many cups of tea.

I wish I could show you my *finished quilt top* or the new ATCs that came out of yesterday. Some for a new trading book at the Rockport Library---yes, a book that you can check out that has ATCs in it that you can replace with some of your own! Check Robinsunne's blog soon, she'll be posting all about it. And some others I am making for a trade with this lovely blogging friend. Oh, and the quilt top came out very nicely I think. I surprised the Mister with it laid upon our comforter last night! On to borders and edgings and all that, next.

So, until it's all sorted out, I'll be out of the virtual world on a universe-imposed technology-free holiday.


  1. Can't wait to catch up on all the wonderful photos of your work this technology-free holiday. I've no doubt the quilt top is GORGEOUS! You do good work, after all, in all your creative endeavors. Enjoy these lovely days and good luck with the old and new computers!


  2. Keeping warm these days?

    And I love your blog even without all of the bells and whistles.

    Congratulations on the finished quilt top!!!



  3. what! no beautiful photos! the blog world is a lesser place...

  4. Iris, I hope this conundrum is solved soon! It is terrible to be without these modern conveniences! I think your forced holiday sounds lovely though!
    ~Emily xx

  5. Ah, Iris...still the inspiring lovely writer, even without the visuals. I have missed this blog over the holidays!

    Hope your computer woes end soon and congrats on the upcoming new studies!!