Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Ugliest Book Cover of All Time

How's that for a teaser? Well, since this blog usually showcases a lot of pretty eye candy, I thought I should warn you. So if you are easily grossed-out, or have an extreme aversion to leeches, feel free to just skip this post. I won't be hurt.

While you decide whether to let your curiosity get the better of you, look at these images of when I was laying out my in-progress quilt squares! I am trying to get as much as I can done before grad school starts at the end of the month. I think I am at the point where I need some advice on what to do about one piece that is a half inch short, my cutting error. Anyone have ideas? Rhea? Ana?

I will spend the morning sewing more squares up. Oh and maybe pushing the vacuum around.
Yes, it's subjective, but I am putting my vote in for the Ugliest Book Cover of All Time. I am trying to picture the book designer pitching this image to the editor..."Hey, I've got this FABULOUS image for the cover of that leech book!" Really, truly, it's over the top---I think it's the funky toenail that really adds creep-out for me. There are many other very gross images within the pages of this book, but I won't reproduce them here. Here goes. Ready?
How did I come upon this book? Weeding the children's nonfiction at Rockport Public Library! It matched the criteria for withdrawal (which includes appearance), mainly that it hadn't been checked out in quite awhile, like years. And I wasn't censoring the collection out of personal leech-aversion, because we have another volume on leeches. Crazily enough, I will not be taking this back to the library for the Library Booksale (Pris, you're saved), but saving it for its altered book potential.

Finally (and I thought this would be a short post), check out this map that shows the growth of Walmart stores across America (thanks, Mr. Google). I'm not a big fan, mainly because of the loss of the character of our small community stores, and I try not to support this model of consumerism. But I admit that there are certain things (sometimes sewing things or crafty things) that cannot be found at other stores nearby; I think I average about a visit a year, and it always makes me feel bad and a little guilty. Any thoughts on this dilema?


  1. That quilt is looking great!

    About your half inch too short dilemma: when matching that particular chunk of fabric to another, kind of "split the difference" so there is only a quarter inch difference on either end. Then in the next round of piecing, split the difference again (and so on...) and it should be fine. Happens all the time. Even to (quote, un-quote)"Professionals" like me.

    About the Wal-Mart dilemma, you're human: don't sweat it. And if there is ever anything specific you need, I would gladly special order for you! We do it all the time!

    About the leeches: they certainly ARE gross.

    Ah well, what are you gonna do???

  2. Oh my god that book cover! How could they possibly think that would sell a single book?

    We don't have Walmart here, but we have the equivalent which is Spotlight, and most crafters/sewers have some kind of ambivalence to it. Firstly, most of the stuff is made in China, so it's basically a by-word for sweatshop labour. Secondly it's an Australian business so most of the profit goes out of the country anyway, and thirdly it puts small craft shops and fabric stores out of business.

    Same dilemma - sometimes it stocks the things I'm after and can't get anywhere else.

    I just go there as rarely as possible, but when I do, I thoroughly enjoy its possibilities.

    No easy answer!

    ps quilt looking fantastic!

  3. I basically use Wal-Mart and Target for stuff like toothpaste, shaving cream, razors, etc., basic black or athletic socks which are way more expensive at the local grocer or department store. We go, I guess, once about every couple of months and then it's like the biggest pain in the butt? AUGH! There's just not that much I need as far as clothing, pots, pans, dishes, yada yada that warrants frequent visits. Thank goodness!

    As for the leeches, so gross. I cannot stand slugs, either. I don't know. I can do a snake in the woods totally without freaking, but don't get me close to a serpentarium at a zoo or an aquarium. Leeches and slugs, well, just wannabe snakes. YUCK! I hope I don't have nightmares tonight? :D

    The quilt pieces are absolutely gorgeous. Still love those colors and fabrics. And no sweat on that one little cutting error. I see you've gotten the best advice on the quick fix. I'll remember that, too, as I dare to get started on a lap quilt and make a few mistakes of my own.


  4. Hey Iris,

    I just had a thought about your quilt: give me a call when you get a chance, mmmkay?

    (am at the shop all day today- 'til 8:30 anyways!)



  5. Yes! Love that book cover!

    The leeches don't bother me so much (you know, I am the insect lover after leeches aren't that far off I guess), but my god, get a freakin' pedicure before someone shoots a close-up of your toes.

    The big toe? I get illustrates why the leeches are useful, but click on the photo to see the cover in its full sized glory...the toenails...especially the pinky and even worse...the toe next to pinky GROSS!!!

    I'm far from a high-maintenance girl, but oh, those toes!

  6. Those toes are very very ugly and the leeches certainly wouldn't be coming home with me. Altogether that makes that book a real gem. That quilt however can come home with me anyday. I hope you've been able to fix your 1/2 inch dilemma. I'd go with sewing a small strip in contrasting fabric to lengthen each one that was too short and make a feature of it. If it looksl ike it will stand out too much, maybe a different print that almost blends in but not quite. Any help?