Thursday, January 1, 2009

Festive and Crafty New Year's

The hat for Jonas's ski season is finished! It is a cool pattern, but I highly recommend translating the annoying chart into plain English for the short-row earflaps. I crocheted a red border, for my red-lover, around his face, and the effect is somewhat Medieval. Also, he has requested that it be lined...too itchy on the cheeks. So I guess it's not really done after all. And he actually let me take his photo!!!

Here are some Festive New Year's Day finger and toenails, very fetching, and made from clay.

Here is an ice cream parlor, made by E and photographed by Sylvan! All three kids collaborated to create the Christmas tree trimmings, at right.
Lots and lots of cool details, such as the freshly baked bread
and E's reindeer and sleigh.
Below, a still life.
Left to right: Squeaky dead chicken doggie toy; Whale bone, from an intimate part of a male whale's anatomy (it's quite heavy); My foot (size 9 US, 39 Euro), for scale.
This is what the ocean looks like when it's really really cold and the water is warmer than the air; it's called Sea Smoke.

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  1. LOVE the hat Iris! And the red crochet border just makes it!

    Amazing have raised some creative and very patient kids!

    And the whale bone...I like the juxtaposition between the rubber chicken and your foot...makes me smile. The bone itself, wow, yes, very intimate. Poor guy probably never imagined his member being photographed along with a rubber chicken and a socked human foot.