Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some endings, some beginnings

These mitts will be under the tree soon...for a gentleman who seldom reads this blog. It was about 9 degrees F on the morning of this photo shoot and I was on my way to work. I told my model to give me some William Wallace style arm shots (and be quick about it, or I would be late), referencing the movie Braveheart, in which our favorite line is Mel Gibson bellowing: Freeeeeeedommmmmm! Unfortunately my model was not wearing a kilt or else I would most certainly have shared photos.
The pattern is from Knitty, called Dashing. As in: Dashing through the snow? Or what a dashing fellow? The yarn is Brown Sheep Charcoal.
Reusable Shopping Bags Completed!
The last of the five Reusable Bags is complete (here and here for the others). It was crazy that the last two bags (both using this fabric) provided me with much angst with regard to interiors not seeming to want to match neatly with exteriors. So some extra annoying little tucks were necessary. ANYway. They are finished and ready to be gifted, and I admit relief that none of the bags are going to anyone who is an expert at sewing...They are still lovely and functional even if they are not perfect.
So do you imagine me resting on laurels now, relaxing by the hearth? Pfft. No, I already have another project on the needles, this hat, meant to be a hardhat liner for troops. It is annoying because it relies on a chart to create the short-row earflaps, and I would prefer regular words. But it's great and warm and will be for Jonas, perfect for under the ski helmet!

And, oh mild boredom, in that I think he may have entered the phase of gray/black/brown in knitwear (unless it could be red, which I did not have in the stash). So I am using the same Brown Sheep Charcoal as for the mitts.

I see shoveling in my future and I will be using my abs, not my back, thank you very much. It is looking good for a white Christmas!


  1. CONGRATS! on finishing your reusable bags. I love the fabrics you picked for all of them and know they'll be much appreciated.

    The mitts are awesome, too. Gosh darn it. One of these days I'm going to have to learn to knit the basic scarf.

    Know a wonderful white Christmas, you & yours! Safe travels, too, for those crossing the miles to be together. I'd love a flake or two of snow, but am just grateful to see the sun & blue sky today after days of clouds, mist, fog, humidity and rain. And the temps have dropped back down. YIPPEE!


  2. "more than" the basic scarf.

  3. OOh la la, that bag and those mitts look like a million!

    I used my abs myself this morning (and my arms... and some colorful language) but ooh I love it when it snows like this. I love hunkering down and feeling all snug and cozy. I'm not wild about the "shoveling out" bit but it's good exercise and then we always go for a little drive-about to see how pretty everything looks.

    I KNOW you're putting a similar spin on things!

    Happy Holidays!


  4. wow lovely mitts and perfect shopping bags!! you did a great job!

  5. Those fingerless gloves are oh-so-lovely. I love those earthy charcoaly tones.

    Hope you're having a lovely festive season!