Monday, November 24, 2008

Reusable Shopping Bag #2

Just my kind of Sunday: in my bathrobe until 3 p.m., lots of sewing time, some chores, watched a a fabulous art video by Traci Bautista, and was just mostly thrilled to be home all day long hearing the sounds of my family singing snippets, listening to the Beatles White Album Listening Party on the radio, weatherizing the windows, and constructing block/Playmobil castles.

So I finished Bag #2, and the learning curve is flattening a little! Things were easier! And check out my little innovation for finger-pressing the top seams (since pinning seemed wrong):
Handle seams came out straighter this time around. But the width between them is slightly more than 1) the pattern asked for, and 2) it was not on purpose. Oh Well.
Inspired by the amazing mixed media artist Bautista, mentioned above, I decided that my seams don't all need to be perfect-looking. Yup, here they are, NOT PARALLEL! Get this, Traci doesn't even pin stuff down when she is art-quilting!!!! I love it and can't wait to try.
I was watching the video because Robinsunne and I are currently dreaming up possibilities for more art in the Rockport Public Library in 2009, and we are considering Art Journals (remember Jonas's Travel Journal I made him?). Yes, amazing, creative, and sometimes alive with potential that it's a little overwhelming for us planners. More fun is obviously beckoning and we need to work out the details now.

I am most thankful for loving my life and work, being surrounded by people who make me laugh, always making time for my creative outlets, getting three eggs from our chickens yesterday (who mostly think it's too dark to lay more than the occasional egg lately), a husband who loves my quirkiness, an exercise class that rocks my world, one boy who twinkles, and one who doesn't want me to become "shrinkled." Have a happy happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Oh, Iris. I love it. I love it all! I love how much you've embraced sewing along with your other creative "endeavors." I love the vinyl, how you've three fabrics in this bag, the unparallel seams. Most of all I love the positive energy I feel in your "presence." My day to day world is small...I'm quite the solitude...but, I'm so grateful to have found "artmates" who inspire me to find the beauty in every minute I breathe. Know peace, love, & laughter this Thanksgiving! XO, Ana

  2. That looks so good, girl!

    Have a happy T-day!!!

    I'm off to make breakfast for dinner...


  3. Those seams look pretty good to me.. and what BEAUTIFUL colours for your bag. You shop with pride!

  4. wow Iris that shopping bag looks awesome!! I can't believe you just started sewing!

  5. I really love those fabrics on that bag. It looks fab.
    And what a perfect Sunday, it sounds like just my favourite kind.

  6. Iris...a beautiful crafter AND a beautiful WRITER, too. Your posts and pics have become a juicy indulgence. Though you make me feel LAZY!! haha!! And that translates into how you inspire me to let my creative side have her way with me.